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Game News
Welcome to the Inferno Alliance Page

    I would like to thank all the people who have joined our alliance and made it feel more of a family group. This page is so that we can grow together. Here we will be able to post for alliance events, special occasions, and many other things. As we progress together, you will notice that more things will be added to the page. 


    I know that many of you will have questions about the game and sometimes the answers you are given are not straight forward like you would wish them to be. Forums will be posted as more questions are asked. Some of the more common questions are about the tier quests and also about a few events. You will find forums for those topics plus more so if you have any suggestions then please notify a leader and a forum will be posted in great detail for you.


    In the calender section you will be able to see planned events and special occasions posted. You will be notified about any event in case you may not have read it and hope you will join us so we may all grow in experience. I know certain events have a limited requirement of applicants who can join at a time so we will evenly divide up so that everyone gets their share. You will also be notified of birthdays and other occasions so that you may let this person know you care.


      This may be one of the most used sections of this page. The gallery section is so you can show others some of the things you have experienced in-game. Please do re-frame from any inappropriate images that may offend any of the other members. If you post pictures of yourself fighting certain creatures that others may want to fight then please note the required information so they can also encounter and fight so called creature.


      This section you can use to inform us of any alts you may have in game so we may inform you of any events happening. We will also be using this section to monitor your progression in-game so we may know if you're struggling or possibly gone for a while. Please do inform any clan leader of your absence and of how long you may be gone so we know not to remove you.


    As an alliance, we are to grow together so we can cover each others weaknesses. I do hope that you enjoy being part of this group as we progress together. Happy gaming everyone. :)

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